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Your vehicle’s brakes are its most important safety feature. While they may be effectively stopping your vehicle, that doesn’t mean that they’re performing to their fullest capability. In order to stop your vehicle safely, brakes are designed to slowly wear as time goes on. Regular maintenance of your brake system is crucial to ensure a safe trip.

Quick Lane at Kennett Square offers a variety of brake services and products, and we can perform all quality service while you wait! Our brake fluid is top-quality. Our techs have the knowledge and experience to diagnose any issues or potential issues with your vehicle’s brakes as well as the necessary parts to make the repairs or replacements.

When to repair or replace worn brakes

The more you use them, the more wear is placed on them. Brake pads are designed to keep the metal of your calipers from grinding against the rotors. If you’re hearing a grinding or squeaking noise, bring your car into Quick Lane and we’ll take a look.

 Remember, any of the following conditions could require a visit: 

  • Squeaking or grinding
  • A burning odor
  • A hard-to-press or “squishy” pedal
  • Shuddering or vibration in your steering wheel
  • Rusting or flaking in your brakes or rotors
  • Your brake system warning light goes on


Our ASE Certified Technicians Specialize in the Following:

  • Brake inspections
  • Brake installation
  • Brake replacement
  • Brake repair service
  • Brake fluid replacement

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