Oil Changes in Kennett Square

no appointment necessary

The Kennett Square Quick Lane is the place to get your vehicle serviced (any make or model) and have your oil changed. Living and working in Kennett Square can take its toll on the oil in your vehicle, and our expert team recommends changing the vehicle’s oil every six months or 5000 miles — whichever comes first. Just stop in! There’s no need to make an appointment. Or, you can schedule an appointment online.

the importance of oil changes

 An engine oil change is one of the most important vehicle maintenance services. Motor oil wears out and becomes dirty as time goes on. It’s crucial to perform scheduled oil changes to maintain your engine’s cleanliness and avoid having contaminated oil. Moisture, sun exposure, air, and corrosive wear all degrade the oil through a process called oxidation. The resulting sludge build-up, oil thickening, and wear of critical engine components are all damaging to your car.

When your oil additive is depleted, the engine may be unable to handle dirt and other common metals, which creates the sludge we mentioned above. Delaying oil changes — or skipping them altogether — hastens the rate of engine wear and tear, which can lead to premature engine breakdown. Changing the oil eliminates contaminants and dirt, while it also protects your engine and increases the performance of your vehicle.

Rebuilding and replacing an engine due to a lack of an oil change is a preventable problem. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding oil changes, or bring your car to the Quick Lane at Kennett Square.

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